What is Vitamin O, you ask!
  • It’s not found in bottles.
  • It’s good for all ages.
  • Studies show some of its benefits include stress reduction and improved creativity.
  • Side effects include increased fitness levels, better connection with nature, joyful attitude.
What is this vitamin O?  It’s Outdoors!
Get thee to the Outdoors this Summer with your kids.  You will be creating memories for them that will last a lifetime.  When not in school, I was Outdoors all year long growing up in Indiana.  Those precious memories are with me to this day.
I was fortunate to have close access to woods that I explored in the summer (I was not afraid; apparently my parents weren’t either!), a golf course directly across the road from our house whose hills were covered in snow in the winter.  Oh, the fun of dragging our toboggans and sleds to the top of the hills then whooshing down time after time after time!  We stayed until it was dark.  Can you imagine the beauty of the snow glistening from the moonlight?
Here’s a great article about the benefits of being Outdoorshttp://dirt.asla.org/2015/06/03/what-dose-of-nature-do-we-need-to-feel-better/
What is your favorite memory of being Outdoors?  Feel free to blog and share about it here.
Remember, the World Is Your Playground!