PMPKINSOctober brings a bountiful crop of pumpkinlicious pumpkins throughout most of the United States.  This North American native fruit (oh, yes, it’s a fruit) is one versatile symbol of the start of Fall.

You’ll see them in grocery stores, pumpkin patches, at Fall festivals, boutique stores, on Halloween costumes.  Pumpkins in many forms will be practically everywhere and within eye sight until long after Thanksgiving.

From pies to cakes to smoothies to soups, families, individuals and anyone in between will be scouring pumpkin recipes for their family, for parties and celebrations.  And, pumpkins can be decorated in silly ways, elegant ways and traditional ways.

I love pumpkins so much I wrote an eBook “Exploring Enchanting Pumpkins of Fall” available October 1st, 2014 on Amazon.  Please feel free to post here if you download the eBook and share your feedback and explorations.

Remember, the World of Enchanting Pumpkins are Waiting for You to Explore!