The Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference 2015 #LBNC15 held at Maker City LA was a dynamic and educational event for bloggers.  Thank you to Ana Lydia Ochoa-Monaco and her Team who worked tirelessly to present some influential speakers, plentiful food and beverages, fabulous swag bags and so much more!
Nationally recognized lifestyle and business industry experts shared stories of how their hard work and dedication launched them into present-day success with a diverse collection of blogs.
I am always open to learning and exploring the latest blogging trends.  Here are some of the pearls shared at the Conference that I’m passing on to you:
  • “Even if you have many followers but not engagement, it’s useless.”
  • “Be honest and real.”
  • “Write about creative and genuine stories in your niche.”LBNC15
  • “Take creative steps to move slowly towards your vision.”
What would you add to this list?