3WordsChris Brogan is a highly sought after professional speaker and the “New York Times” bestselling author of eight books and counting, including The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”, and Just Start Here”.  Chris recently invited followers to pick 3 words that will frame their goals and intentions in 2015.
Here are my 3 words:
1.  Plank – something that supports or sustains.  Sustain means to endure without giving way or yielding.  In my yoga practice, when I do a “plank” pose, I’m strengthening my arms, wrists, and spine along with toning my abdomen.  I’ve been a yogi for about 15 years so the pose is comfortable for me.  When I’m in the pose, I feel strong.  Throughout 2015 I need to be strong to serve my clients and others. I need to be strong to not yield to the thought of “giving up” when it becomes hard to come up with new ideas, to take “no” for an answer, or any other number of reasons when life offers challenges.
2.  Unfold – Father Jonathan Morris wrote in “The Way of Serenity” that “our role unfolds like chapters in a novel, with all sorts of unexpected plot twists.”  So true!  Our lives are filled with surprises that throw us off the track or interfere with plans that we have for the day.  Perhaps a situation needs some special attention that takes us away from our goals for the day.  Unfold means release.  In 2014 I’ve learned to release many expectations. I will continue to practice this in 2015, as well.
3.  Seek – I will seek deep reading, wise counsel, healthy recipes and timely health information from Moms In Charge, time in Nature, creativity, idealism, realism, knowledge of the Bible, time with family, stillness, outdoor play, unique events and activities, time with friends, patience, service to others, time with animals.
What are your 3 words?