Most of us love the holiday season, don’t we?  It brings cooler weather, beautiful colors, falling leaves, a chill in the wind, pumpkin-flavored this and that!  And, our creativity kicks in with ideas for crafts, decorations, recipes, gifts, donations, and family traditions (and perhaps starting new traditions)!

My fondest memory of the holidays is the anticipation of the changing weather in the Midwest where I grew up. More time was spent indoors which meant family activities.  Are you ready for some creative activities that will include family, friends, and anyone in between?  If so, click the “PAUSE” button on all of your devices and gather together for an activity that sparkles in the day and night: sequin appliqués.

Take your creativity to the next level with these fancy and whimsical embellishments that can be used to customize items such as:
sweat shirts
denim jackets & jeans
shopping bags
Christmas stockings
“Ugly” or “Beautiful” Christmas sweaters
This year, be unique and different (it’s good to be different) and take your creativity into 2016 and beyond. There will be birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more opportunities to create.  Perhaps an occasion that calls for some added glitz to your ensemble is in your future, or making items and donating them to children’s organizations, senior citizen homes, shelters etc.
You can attach these appliqués to your fabric with Aleene’s Tack It Over Glue which enables you to apply the appliqué, and take it off and then re-apply on another garment.  The Glue is found at K-Mart:
Click Here for Glue.
Or, you can use a permanent glue that is found at most craft stores such as
Michael’ s, JoAnn’s or Hobby Lobby.


You will find my social shop instructions for purchasing the applique’s
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